VÜlgÅr. A language generator


v 7.1

22 October 2017

• Added IPA support for tonal languages
• Added IPA consonant diacritic support for: advanced, apical, breathy voice, dental fricative release, linguolabial, labio-palatized, lateral release, nasal release, no audible release, pharyngealized, retracted, velar fricative release, vocal fry
• Added IPA vowel diacritic support for: advanced, advanced tongue root, breathy voice, centralized, mid-centralized, retracted, retracted tongue root, rhotacized, vocal fry
• Language names now get anglicised by default
• Added ability to choose Word order
• Added possibilities that plurals are not used for inanimate or non-human nouns
• Added various pre-settings for LaTeX PDF output
• Fixed capitalised words not sorting alphabetically in the LaTeX PDF output
• Fixed long dictionary definitions cutting off when column is not wide enough
• Screen no longer auto-scrolls to newly generated language.

v 7.0

27 September 2017

• Added Editable PDF function
• Outputs information on how articles ('the' and 'a') are used differently to English
• Added ALT + L shorrtcut to generate new language
Illegal combinations now supports RegEx
• Fix Illegal combinations feature being applied to orthography as well as phonology. Now only applies to phonology
Remove default word list no longer forces words used in grammar tables to the dictionary
• Using Add more words with seed no longer alters the language (provided all other custom settings are the same)
• Fix verb to adjective (v>adj) derivation rule not working
• Fix phoneme /dʒ/ sometimes not showing up in orthography
• Fix Tumblr dictionary JSON file causing errors where more than two words have the same spelling
• Removed some duplicate dictionary words
• Faster generation time on average

v 6.6.6

17 September 2017

• Added custom affixes function
• Clickable IPA symbols go to Advanced Word Structure after selecting Advanced Word Structure, or clicking into a field
• Added the word "zero" to default word list
• Fix audio for IPA symbols: /ɛ ɫ ɳ ʕ ħ/
• Fix compound words not applying noun gender
• Fix English-to-Conlang data for Tumblr Dictionary Theme not sorting in alphabetical order

v 6.6.5

3 September 2017

• Added Illegal combinations function
Tumblr export returns JSON file for use with Tumblr Dictionary Theme
• Fix verb affix for 2nd person singular past tense always being the same as present
• Fix audio for IPA symbol /ʟ/
• Fix white spaces issues (accidental white spaces in custom input are now ignored by the program)
Derive words feature no longer morphs roots to "irregular" forms (was producing unsatisfying results)

v 6.6.4

26 August 2017

• Added Control phoneme frequencies function
• Added compound words ability to Derived words feature
Seed numbers changed to shorter alphanumeric
• Fix stress pattern always being ultimate syllable
• Fix Add more words feature not resetting upon each new generation
• Changed Second orthography colour
• Minor spelling mistakes in default dictionary words

v 6.6.3

12 August 2017

• Added Second orthography function
• Fix audio for IPA symbols /w l ɬ ɮ ɭ ɾ ɽ ʀ ɱ ʎ ʋ ⱱ ʄ ɠ ʛ ʘ/
• Fix polysemy feature for default dictionary

v 6.6.2

2 August 2017

• Added OR function in Custom orthography to create irregular spellings
• Added Remove default word list in Add more words feature
• Added original IPA recordings to IPA charts

v 6.6.1

17 July 2017

• Added Add extra words and Derived words function

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