Vulgar: Language generator


v 8.0

28 July 2018

• Launched the new online platform of Vuglar
• Tumblr Dictionary Theme builder now comes with Full and Pro version
• Added Change alphabet order
• Added CSV export
• Added ability to download PDF output as .tex file
• Changes made to LaTeX code to make it less bloated
• Added option to download HTML as a file
• Added Make illegal combinations sensitive to stress symbol
Illegal combinations now works with Custom Phonemes instead of just Advanced Word Structure
• Added ability to control phoneme frequencies by adding a number immediately after the phoneme/consonant cluster
• Added Hawaiian to Advanced Word Structure
• Changes made to saved settings file to be more forwards-compatible with future versions of Vulgar
• Fixed some settings not saving to settings file: Articles and Make phonological rules sensitive to stress symbol
• Fixed Add More Words causing the conjugation rules to change, all other settings and seed number being the same
• Fixed some crashing issues with Phonological Rules field
• Fixed Make same vowel twice in a row illegal not properly deduplicating rules in some scenarios

v 7.5

28 May 2018

• Created Pro version
• Added Translator
• Articles and pronouns populate to the dictionary
• Added ability to specify whether or not the language has articles
• Added Antepenult stress
• Added Don't allow words to only differ by stress location
• Added more spelling diacritic "quick pick" buttons
• Added Swedish and Turkish to Advanced Word Structure

v 7.4

7 May 2018

• Added ability to specify what the derivational affixes are (the conlang part)
• Changed some of the format for Add more words. Info on new format here
• Added Make spelling rules sensitive to stress symbol and Make phonological rules sensitive to stress symbol
• Added ability to use RegEx in Phonological rules section
• Added shortcut buttons to easily populate your phonemes into Custom Spelling rules
• Added Spelling diacritic helper buttons for the following diacritics
• IPA buttons populate to mouse position, instead of end of line
• Typing a colon automatically gets converted to vowel length symbol upon generation
• Fixed Second Orthography causing spinning wheel of death
• Fixed RegEx Lookbehind syntax not working
• Fixed No Fixed Stress option re-randomising the stress location in the narrow IPA
• Fixed Add custom words not de-duplicating words already in the default dictionary
• Fixed custom derived words duplicating after every new generation
• Fixed various bugs that caused 'undefined' to sometimes appear in output
• Choosing phonological rules with a seed number no longer produces an entirely different language
• Re-added ability to put voiceless diacritic symbols on vowels after fixing a bug where voiceless symbol attached itself to the stress symbol
• Fixed not appearing in output
• Fixed vowels ɞ and ɶ not appearing in evolved languages
• Fixed seed number not following through to evolved languages
• Fixes to IPA symbols in Manuale font: ʁ being designed wrong (glyph was mirror imaged) and fixes to positioning of various diacritic symbols
• Added ʊ to English phonology

v 7.3.2

16 April 2018

Add more words overrides the randomly generated word when you specify what the conlang side of the word is (where previously it would create two entries for the one word)
• Seed number system changed to circumvent bug where the alphanumeric seed would sometimes produce different results within the same version
• Clicking seed number populates it to the settings
• Altering the spelling rules no longer changes the whole language (provided all other settings are the same)
• Added option to make PDF output 3 or 2 columns
• In PDF output, new sections page-break if there is not much space left at the end of the page
• In PDF output, entries with multiple parts-of-speech are semi-colon separated
• Fixed bug that caused scrambled code to be added to PDF output and Tumblr Dictionary theme
• Fixed phoneme /ɶ/ not appearing in final output and Phonotactic Analyser
• Fixed phoneme /ʍ/ not appearing in consonant table
• Fixed some contour tone buttons giving wrong contours
• Clicking Make same vowel twice in a row illegal twice does not add the rules twice

v 7.3.1

7 April 2018

• Added ability to save and load settings to .txt files
• Added Make same vowel twice in a row illegal, which auto-populates illegal rules to stop two of the same vowel in a row
• Custom affixes get spelled out in grammar section
• Added Latin and Dothraki as an option for the Advanced Word Structure. Also made changes to some of the existing languages to remove allophones and/or regional dialects
• Added extended IPA support for Manuale font
• Fixed /ɞ/ and ejective symbols not appearing in final output
• Fixed occasional crashing issue with entering non-IPA symbols into phoneme fields
• Disabled ability to add IPA diacritics to don't connect to any main IPA symbol
• Fixed issue where custom spelling rules were not be able to find and replace diphthong and affricate diacritics
• Fixed crashing issue with seed numbers
• Fixed issue that caused PDF output to not render in some scenarios
• Fixed issue that caused Add randomly chosen phonemes to the custom selection option to not appear
• Click symbols to add section now re-focuses on the phoneme field after populating an IPA symbol into it
• Fixed vowel table alignment

v 7.3

21 February 2018

• Font changed from Charis SIL to Noto Serif and Manuale
• Added ability to specify what the English word will translate to in Add more words option
• Added Shorten average word length feature
• Added hover effect on word entries
• Fixed bug that caused seed number to sometimes produce different results, even when all custom settings were correct
• Disabled ability to manually enter seed numbers that are over 12 characters (this caused crashes)
Illegal combinations rules can now be separated with a space or comma + space
• Fixed issue with semi-colons in Add new words field causing PDF output to not render
• Fixed Remove default word list causing crashes in some scenarios
• Minor bug fixes to Analyse word structure of your own language
• Disabled Add randomly chosen phonemes to the custom selection option from appearing when choosing Advanced Word Structure (this feature only applies to "Custom Phoneme" settings)

v 7.2.1

27 January 2018

• Redesigned code that applies phonological rules to fix various instances of rules not applying correctly
Add more words de-duplicates words that were already in the default list (provided you use the exact same part-of-speech tag)
HTML output sorts English to Conlang. The is output also a bit more readable, and includes a basic internal style sheet.
Create daughter language button named changed to be called "Evolve language"
• Added jump to orthography link in the Evolve section
• Fixed bug where articles sometimes had mid-word consonant clusters at the beginning or end of the word
• Fixes to the LaTeX code when using Second Orthography option (removed HTML tags around the second orthography, primary and secondary orthography are now separated by a comma)
• Various minor bug fixes to Analyse word structure of your own language
• Fixed "undefined" appearing before some part-of-speech markers after Evolving the language

v 7.2

31 December 2017

• Added Create daughter language (beta) (changed to "Evolve language" in v 7.2.1)
• Added Vowel probability (specify probability that words begin or end in a vowel)
• Added Add randomly chosen phonemes to the custom selection
• RegEx supports Lookbehind matching
• Clicking IPA symbols automatically checks the Custom Phonemes or Advanced Word Structure button
• Fixed pop-out info boxes redirecting to top of page when exiting
• Fixed audio for /ʊ/ linked to wrong audio file

v 7.1.1

26 November 2017

• Added ability to choose syllable structure
• Added ability to apply default orthography rules with custom orthography rules
• Added bility to apply custom phonological rules with randomly chosen rules
• Applying of phonological rules is turned off by default (for the purposes of speeding up generation time)
• Re-added HTML output button
• (C)V(C) syllable structures allow consonant clusters mid-word, so words can have a CVCCVC structure
• Fixed ticking Remove default word list causing crashes
• Fixed separating custom phonemes with commas instead of spaces creating problems
• Fixed issues with /g/ and /ɡ/ being confused with each other (Vulgar now converts ɡ to g automatically)
• Fixed stress symbols in Phonotactic analyzer was causing incorrect analysis

v 7.1

22 October 2017

• Added IPA support for tonal languages
• Added IPA consonant diacritic support for: advanced, apical, breathy voice, dental fricative release, linguolabial, labio-palatized, lateral release, nasal release, no audible release, pharyngealized, retracted, velar fricative release, vocal fry
• Added IPA vowel diacritic support for: advanced, advanced tongue root, breathy voice, centralized, mid-centralized, retracted, retracted tongue root, rhotacized, vocal fry
• Language names now get anglicised by default
• Added ability to choose Word order
• Added possibilities that plurals are not used for inanimate or non-human nouns
• Added various pre-settings for LaTeX PDF output
• Fixed capitalised words not sorting alphabetically in the LaTeX PDF output
• Fixed long dictionary definitions cutting off when column is not wide enough
• Screen no longer auto-scrolls to newly generated language.

v 7.0

27 September 2017

• Added Editable PDF function
• Outputs information on how articles ('the' and 'a') are used differently to English
• Added ALT + L shorrcut to generate new language
Illegal combinations now supports RegEx
• Fixed Illegal combinations feature being applied to orthography as well as phonology. Now only applies to phonology
Remove default word list no longer forces example words used in grammar section (i.e. "study") to the dictionary
• Using Add more words with seed no longer alters the language (provided all other custom settings are the same)
• Fixed verb to adjective (v>adj) derivation rule not working
• Fixed phoneme /dʒ/ sometimes not showing up in orthography
• Fixed Tumblr dictionary JSON file causing errors where more than two words have the same spelling
• Removed some duplicate dictionary words
• Faster generation time on average

v 6.6.6

17 September 2017

• Added custom affixes function
• Clickable IPA symbols go to Advanced Word Structure after selecting Advanced Word Structure, or clicking into a field
• Added the word "zero" to default word list
• Fixed audio for IPA symbols: /ɛ ɫ ɳ ʕ ħ/
• Fixed compound words not applying noun gender
• Fixed English-to-Conlang data for Tumblr Dictionary Theme not sorting in alphabetical order

v 6.6.5

3 September 2017

• Added Illegal combinations function
Tumblr export returns JSON file for use with Tumblr Dictionary Theme
• Fixed verb affix for 2nd person singular past tense always being the same as present
• Fixed audio for IPA symbol /ʟ/
• Fixed white spaces issues (accidental white spaces in custom input are now ignored by the program)
Derive words feature no longer morphs roots to "irregular" forms (was producing unsatisfying results)

v 6.6.4

26 August 2017

• Added Control phoneme frequencies function
• Added compound words ability to Derived words feature
Seed numbers changed to shorter alphanumeric
• Fixed stress pattern always being ultimate syllable
• Fixed Add more words feature not resetting upon each new generation
• Changed Second orthography colour
• Minor spelling mistakes in default dictionary words

v 6.6.3

12 August 2017

• Added Second orthography function
• Fixed audio for IPA symbols /w l ɬ ɮ ɭ ɾ ɽ ʀ ɱ ʎ ʋ ⱱ ʄ ɠ ʛ ʘ/
• Fixed polysemy feature for default dictionary

v 6.6.2

2 August 2017

• Added OR function in Custom orthography to create irregular spellings
• Added Remove default word list in Add more words feature
• Added original IPA recordings to IPA charts

v 6.6.1

17 July 2017

• Added Add extra words and Derived words function