Vulgar: Language generator

The Vulgar Conlang Competition!

To celebrate the release of Vulgar's new online platform, we are holding another conlang competition!

The goal is simple: Make a fleshed-out, usable language using Vulgar Pro. The winner will be announced in mid-October and will receive a US$200 cash prize!

Check out the winner of the previous competition, Brandon W's Quirax (Shadow-Tongue).

How to win

  1. Get Vulgar Pro
  2. Generate your language
  3. Do some manual editing to the language - adding your "human touch" to it
  4. Submit your language to with the subject "Conlang comp", before 10 October 2018

What we want to see in your language

  • Fleshed-out grammar rules - Vulgar doesn't (yet) do every grammar possibility under the sun. Making a language with lots of fancy, funky and fun grammar rules will earn you bonus points
  • Interesting custom vocabulary and/or colexification. What's colexification? That's where a language uses a word with a range of meanings, or when a words has extended metaphorical meanings. Example: in French the word for "circulation" can be used to mean "traffic". See more examples of colexification here.

How will this be judged?

The competition will be judged by how much effort applicants put into their overall language, which includes judging aspects of grammar and vocabulary. We reserve the right to also judge languages on subjective grounds.

Does it need a custom script/font?

No! The previous winner happened to make custom script. However, making fonts/scripts is an art unto itself. We are not judging your this ability.

What do you mean by realistic?

By "realistic" what we mean is we want to see languages that have a certain level of irregularity. We do not want languages that are perfectly regular, like Esperanto. We do not mean that you can't add features that don't exist in any recorded language. We encourage outside-the-box ideas.

What format should the language be in?

For the vocabulary, you must send the downloadable .tex file with your submission. Your grammar section can be in any format at all, eg: Word doc. We will NOT be judging your grammar formatting. However, please try to present the grammar section in a logical order, starting with Phonology and Spelling.

Do I have to use Vulgar's default vocabulary?

No. Certainly not all of the default vocabulary. However we would like a vocabulary that covers most of the scope of the default 4000 words, as this is based on research on the most common words in English. However, deleting words that do not fit into the culture of your language, and/or adding more words is encouraged!

What will the winning language be used for?

With permission we would like to showcase the winner on the website. However, you will still "own" the language.


You MUST have a PayPal account in order to receive the cash prize. Other forms of payment will not be considered.