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The Difference between X-SAMPA and CXS

X-SAMPA was invented to represent the International Phonetic Alphabet using ASCII characters in the earlier days of the internet where Unicode support was near-distant future dream.

X-SAMPA, which is already a proposed improvement to the earlier SAMPA system, turns out to be technically ambiguous in a few rare situations. This is due to the fact that the underscore symbol is used to mean both the affricate tie bar (so that t͡s is represented as t_s) and is used inside a few diacritic symbols. To sidestep this issue, Conlang X-SAMPA uses ) after the affricate group, so that t͡s is represented as ts).

CXS also changed the stress symbols to more closely represent the IPA symbols, by changing the primary stress symbol from " to ', and secondary stress from % to ,.

The following changes were also made:

ʉ } u\
æ { &
ɶ & &\