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The Difference between X-SAMPA and CXS

X-SAMPA (Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) is a system for representing the International Phonetic Alphabet using ASCII characters, and was developed in the mid-1990s when Unicode support was near-distant dream. Prior to X-SAMPA, different "SAMPA" systems has been developed for various European languages. X-SAMPA brought all SAMPAs together.

However, X-SAMPA's design had one small ambiguity: the underscore symbol is used to mean the affricate tie bar (so that t͡s is represented as t_s), however it also used as part of some diacritic symbols. At some point in the Internet's early history, a handful of concerned conlangers developed the unofficial "Conlang X-SAMPA" which uses ) after the affricate group, so that t͡s is represented as ts).

CXS also changed the stress symbols to more closely represent the IPA symbols; the primary stress symbol changed from " to ', and secondary stress from % to ,. Finally, a few other reasonable little changes were made: