Making PDFs with Vulgar

How to make PDFs with Vulgar and

Vulgar outputs your dictionary in a LaTeX file, which can be uploaded to ShareLaTeX to generate a PDF download.

What's LaTeX?

LaTeX is a typesetting code for creating professional documents, like books and academic papers. ShareLaTeX is a free online compiler (generator) of LaTeX files. Vulgar generates a LaTeX dictionary template which automatically formats everything, including creating page headers with first and last word entries. ShareLaTeX allows you to edit and manage your languages.

Quick steps:

1. Make an account at
2. Go to the Vulgarlang PDF Template link - this template contains font files required for phonetic symbols
3. Click Menu

4. Copy Project to your profile

5. Using Vulgar, generate your langauge and Save language as... PDF (.tex) file

6. Back in ShareLaTeX, Click Upload

7. Select and upload the .tex file from your computer
8. Click into the file on the side panel, then press Recompile
9. Download PDF

How to Edit your ShareLaTeX Project

Adding and editing dictionary entries

Editing the title page

Editing Fonts and Font Colors

Adding chapter headings

Making grammar tables