Using seed numbers

The seed number can be used to recover a generated language. If you create something you like in the free version, you can recover its full output in the premium version using its seed number. If you just want something random, leave it blank. There are some finicky details to getting the seed number to co-operate:

1. The seed is a number between 0 and 1 (non-inclusive) up to 17 decimal places. Example: 0.21297004587323554.

2. If you use any custom phonemes, to get the same output you must re-enter those some phonemes back in the same fields, and in the exact same order. Otherwise the program will output what the seed number would have generated if it was allowed to randomly pick its own phonemes. Or, in the case where the phonemes aren't in the same order, it will apply different frequencies to those phonemes.

3. Different browsers give different outputs. This has something to do with the way each browser rounds off long decimals numbers. This shouldn't be a problem if you are trying to recover a language between free and premium version so long as you use the same browser, but unfortunately it means if you try to share your language with someone you can't be sure that they will see the same thing.

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