Vulgar: Tumblr theme

What is the Tumblr Dictionary Theme?

- Transforms your free Tumblr blog into a fully searchable online dictionary
- Auto-export/uploads your entire 2000+ word vocabulary from Vulgar
- Auto-formats all entries and enables you to search English to conlang, and conlang to Enlgish
- Enables you to full customise all design choices (use over 800 fonts from Google Fonts)
- Has a static editable home page

Check out this example of dictionary created with Vulgar and Tumblr Dictionary Theme.

How to install it

1. Generate a langauge using Vulgar

2. Click Build Tubmlr Theme

3. Create a Tumblr profile and blog (note: you can create more than one blog under the same profile)

4. Under the Account icon, click Edit Appearance

5. Click Edit theme

6. Click Edit HTML

7. Highlight and delete all the existing HTML theme, and paste in the HTML generated by Vulgar

7. Click Update Preview, and then Save

8. Go to your blog's URL. Your Tumblr Dictionary Theme is now ready

How do I add to the dictionary?

Formatting Basics

Special Formatting