Vulgar: Language generator

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Vulgar is a work in progress with new features being added regularly! Your purchases help us make this product better.

The full version of Vulgar comes packed with:

Demo Full version Pro version
One-time purchase, lifetime access -
Default number of words (of the most common words in English) 200 (random sample) 2000 4000
Ability to add new words Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom phonemes
Custom spelling
Custom grammar options
Save settings
Save languages to PDF - see example
Tumblr dictionary theme builder - see example
Derivational words (eg: words like “violent” and “violence” will be related) Limited
Random semantic overlapping (eg: “woman” and “wife” may be generated as the same word) Limited
Create descendent languages

Coming soon to future updates:

- Smarter translations
- Expanding the grammar possibilities

Testimonials from Reddit

"Just bought it, totally in love with it. I love making my own Conlangs from scratch but if I need em fast or if they're for a race/person/whatever-the-fuck-needs-it that isn't really very big in the world I'm making, it's awesome to be able to have it there at the click of a button."
- twevlean

"This thing is amazing, and I love it. I bought it immediately, and can already see tons of applications for it."
- cythraulyM

I couldn't resist writing that in uppercases."
- Kmades88

"Whelp, this is incredible."
- placid_dude