Vulgar: Language generator

Can I request new features?

Yes! Please send feature requests (and bugs) to our subReddit page or

Can I use a language generated by Vulgar in a published work?

Yes! We will not attempt to claim copyright over any generated output from Vulgar. In fact, if you are using Vulgar in a published work, we would love to hear about it, and would probably be happy to promote it.

Why is my seed number producing different results?

If you use any custom settings in the free version, those settings must be re-entered exactly the same as they were (along with the seed number) to get the same output in the full version. Otherwise the program will output what the seed number would have generated if it was allowed to randomly pick its own settings. Any custom phonemes must be re-entered in the exact same order too, otherwise it will apply different frequencies to those phonemes.

Finally, different versions of the program will produce different results too. If you were using settings on an old version, see "Access previous versions" at the bottom of the app.

My custom spelling rules are being weird. What's up with that?

It's possible that you need to change the order of your rules.